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Category: Firebird SQL

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smartFB v. is available for download!

smartFB v. is available for download at the link: What’s New: New form to test API connections, styled like Postman ( Tools –> Network Utility –> API Tester ) Direct display of stored procedure parameters on the main db tree  Improved syntax highlighting and parenthesis management in the editor Introduced field-level dependency analysis…
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Firebird SQL “REPLACE” tips

Managing the “&” character with Firebird’s string manipulation functions sometimes may not yield the expected results. The documentation for Firebird’s official “REPLACE” function: For example, if we were to make the classic replacement “>” with “>” with an update, it would be normal to write:

If this syntax does not produce the expected…
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smartFB v. released

smartFB v. is available at: Whats new:  Firebird 5.0 support “Internal Function” manager  For any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your opinion is crucial to us! Thank you for your support and trust in smartFB. Good luck with your Firebird databases!

Install Firebird 5.0 over Ubuntu 22.04

Firebird 5.0 brings with it a remarkable series of improvements from many points of view, from performance to security to the management of parallel backups and restores. You can find these well described at the following link: So, let’s get down to business, let’s install Firebird 5.0 on a nice Ubuntu 22.04 machine in…
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smartFB a new release

A new version of smartFB, the rapid Firebird and Interbase database management tool. New features: Improved usability and minor graphic tweaks Improved management of embedded database creation Integration with Xtumble4Delphi library for JSON to Delphi Record management Started implementation of a tool that allows you to export / import datasets in MIDAS ClientDataset and FiredacMemTable…
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Firebird SQL – Verify if a string contains digit (number char)

From version 2.5 Firebird introduces the “SIMILAR TO” predicate which allows you to apply a subset of regular expressions in an SQL condition. The documentation of the “SIMILAR TO” predicate is available at If we wanted to check if there are numbers (DIGIT) inside a string, i.e. characters from ‘0’ to ‘9’ we could…
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