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Category: Firebird SQL

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Firebird Performance Tour 2019 – Prague

  Synaptica has always adopted Firebird as its main database environment for the realization of many solutions from embedded iot products to Web solutions with thousands of daily accesses. Firebird proved to be a great tool, flexible and easy to manage. For this reason we could not miss the appointment to meet the creators (Dmitry…
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Firebird Sql Tips… Enable or Disable all trigger via sql

To enable and disable all triggers of a database i do two procedure : Enabling all database trigger:

Disabling all database trigger:

Firebird SQL & Interbase list of all foreign keys

With that simple peace of code you can retrive the full list of all “FK” Foreign Key of an Interbase or Firebird DB.

Firebird embedded on mac-osx

Users/ivanrevelli/Downloads/ cd Users/ivanrevelli/Downloads/ Users/ivanrevelli/Downloads/