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Invia SMS via Seriale – Modulo SIM800C – SIMCom GSM/GPRS Module

I have a Linux Ubuntu 22.04 system and I want to send messages via the device “SIM800C – SIMCom GSM/GPRS Module”. I connect it to the system via USB – UART, using standard “AT” commands( Hayes AT command set ), specifically on this blog : which explains the most modern AT commands relating to…
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Xtumble Drive: Manage your documents collaboratively and smartly

Il Drive di Xtumble permette di gestire i documenti in modo collaborativo, utilizzando gli strumenti con cui siete abituati a lavorare.

Are you ready to deploy apps for VisionOS?

After updating our XtumbleRetail application to the iOS 16.4 SDK version and starting publishing on the Apple Store, Apple’s developer portal offered us a new publishing platform available…. VisionOS.   Embarcadero Delphi proves to be an increasingly key tool for us, with a single code we are able to publish on all platforms. And for…
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Ubuntu 22.04 configure Access Point by shell commands

Set up an Access Point in minutes with Ubuntu / Linux usually even without a graphical interface.

Add basic authentication to your IdHttpServer with Delphi

To add basic authentication to you own http server is really simple, you only need to add inside the “onCommandGet” method the authentication check, as in the example shown after the image Inside the method you can:

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