Interbase 2019

Tuesday 6 August 2019, 13:34

In this August Embarcadero announces the new version of the well-known Interbase report database: Interbase 2019.

Interbase is widely used by Delphi developers since in the multi-platform environment (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux) I believe it is the only relational database that can be distributed even on iOS / Android platforms, the inter-base versions for mobile distribution. are IBLite and IBTogo.

This new version compared to the previous one (Interbase 2017) introduces support for new hardware platforms (Android 64Bit and Mac OS 64Bit, first supported exclusively the 32Bit versions for the two environments), but the most important innovation is the introduction of TableSpaces technology (something very consolidated in the Oracle world).

The introduction of TableSpaces offers great advantages in the field of very large databases (being able to divide the tables of a single database into different table spaces on different disks) and at the level of performance (considering being able to read tables different from different disks)

Raspberry Pi 4 has arrived !!

Thursday 27 June 2019, 15:47

Nearly a year ahead of release forecasts, the Raspberry PI4 is available !!
It seems to be a revolution on the single-board computer, compared to the previous ones it seems to have something extra !!!

Major improvements :

  • Dual mini-HDMI interface for dual-monitor up to 4K reslution and 60Hz refresh
  • Versions with 1GB to 4GB RAM
  • LAN GB Eth vera USB 3.0 Support and so on

pfSense Cron Iterface

Sunday 9 June 2019, 12:08

With pfSense there are many “package” tools available that facilitate the configuration and maintenance of the system.

These include “Cron” which allows you to change the configuration of the operating system crontab (BSD) via the web interface.

To install a package, just select from the menu “System / Package Manager / Available Package /” write the desired package in the search field and install it, in this case “cron”.

One of the most common applications to schedule is the periodic reboot of the system.

Once “cron” is installed, if we wanted to reboot the system every night, it would be sufficient to create a new cron job via the “service / cron” menu

Click on “+Add” to configure the job ad ex:

where I reboot the firewall to the office every morning at 05.30.

Creating more complex scripts could also make the reboot conditional, for example we could only execute it if we do not get a reply by pinging

Firebird Performance Tour 2019 – Prague

Tuesday 4 December 2018, 12:21

Synaptica has always adopted Firebird as its main database environment for the realization of many solutions from embedded iot products to Web solutions with thousands of daily accesses.

Firebird proved to be a great tool, flexible and easy to manage. For this reason we could not miss the appointment to meet the creators (Dmitry Yemanov, Dmitry Kuzmenko, Alexey Kovyazin) and have the latest news on the future of this wonderful RDBMS.



During the conference we talked about:

  • The future of Firebird and the new features that will be introduced in version 4.x
  • How to optimize firebird performance simply at the SQL level by evaluating its impacts on the execution algorithm.
  • Visions on the live-replication system that allows you to create live replicas of your database

Seizing the opportunity we have pututo to visit a really beautiful city (Prague).





List of all selected checkboxes into a JSON string

Thursday 11 October 2018, 20:45

Add class to checkbox

Create a function to return a JSON string

Here an example

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