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Xtumble Retail – Fiscal Cash Register for iOS and Android

Version Update Version News: Improved barcode search for articles Enhanced management of article search filters Updated compatibility with Android 13 and IOS 17 Simplified onboarding and new account creation Special discount available until March 2024 Visit the dedicated page at the link: for further information, or search for it in the stores. Transform your…
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Enable Office365 basic auth for specific domains

BasicAuth for Microsoft Office365 is deprecated. But if you have a WebDav share in your lan that use the user/password auth method you can add your domain to a “BasicAllowList” on your Office settings. To add your domain in your Office365 you need to edit your Windows Registy via regEdit. Suppose you have Xtumble as…
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Firebird SQL “REPLACE” tips

Managing the “&” character with Firebird’s string manipulation functions sometimes may not yield the expected results. The documentation for Firebird’s official “REPLACE” function: For example, if we were to make the classic replacement “>” with “>” with an update, it would be normal to write:

If this syntax does not produce the expected…
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smartFB v. released

smartFB v. is available at: Whats new:  Firebird 5.0 support “Internal Function” manager  For any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your opinion is crucial to us! Thank you for your support and trust in smartFB. Good luck with your Firebird databases!

Install Firebird 5.0 over Ubuntu 22.04

Firebird 5.0 brings with it a remarkable series of improvements from many points of view, from performance to security to the management of parallel backups and restores. You can find these well described at the following link: So, let’s get down to business, let’s install Firebird 5.0 on a nice Ubuntu 22.04 machine in…
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SMS Sender – Send SMS Programmatically from your Android Phone

SMS Sender – Automate Your SMS Discover SMS Sender! Tired of manually sending SMS for your personal or business needs? SMS Sender is the solution for you! With SMS Sender, you can easily automate SMS sending through its integrated web server. A single REST call is all you need to send messages quickly and efficiently.…
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Delphi SynEdit – HighLigth Parenthesis or Bracket

Bracket Highlighting in Delphi 12.0 Using SynEdit Delphi 12.0 users have a new tool to improve code readability: a procedure for enabling bracket highlighting in SynEdit. This feature helps developers quickly identify matching parentheses, braces, and other types of brackets within their code, which is essential for navigating complex code structures efficiently. To implement this…
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