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Digital solution partner

Software Development

Synaptica develops application on customer’s need with care, expertise and flexibility.

Make the right decisions about technologies is the base to build projects that fit customer’s need also minimizing time and costs.

The wide range of skills and experiences enables the Synaptica team to support the customer since from the project design phase aiming at identify key aspects in both preconditions and expected results definition thus having all elements to elaborate the best strategies and tools.
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IT Consulting

Synaptica offers technological support for all your internal and external projects in both IT and Business Intelligence fields.

Business processes and applications have an always increasing complexity and require specialized technical skills but also the ability to focus to objectives and concrete needs.

Our skilled consultants support the customer during all project phases, starting from the analysis up to the development, integration, testing and deploy phases.

How? Thanks to an extensive and constantly updated knowledge of the most popular and reliable technologies like Java, C/C++, SAS for business intelligence, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft .Net on C#, Embarcadero Delphi and Delphi Prism, Symfony for PHP.


Server farm

Are you searching for infrastructures and cloud services with optimal performances and reliability?
We are the technology partner for you!

Today the way to build a proprietary infrastructure can lead to expensive and unreliable hardware/software solutions due to the need of high specialized figures having deep and updated skills able to reach and maintain the expected security and performance standards.

Synaptica is the right partner for those who needs scalable and reliable infrastructures and cloud services without compromising good performances.

Thanks to a highly customizable server farm Synaptica offers a wide range of services without constraints or dependencies from external providers thus having a single supplier for all your needs.

Hosting, VPS, Housing or dedicated WebServices… What do you need?


Courses & training

We can organize and teach courses on Java, Delphi, C#, Web Standards
to guarantee qualified technological upgrades based on your needs

We know the challenges facing developers of modern applications and can help you overcome them, by offering training and technological update for Java, Delphi, C #, Web Standards.

How? In a classic course or coaching developers side by side “on site”.

The first training context is our rich blog, dedicated to the latest technological trends and innovations as well as tips and tutorials on our core technologies.

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