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Research and development

Digital solution partner

Synaptica is constantly engaged in the research and development of new IT solutions to offer cutting-edge services and make our products unique.

Our Xtumble platform, for example, has the ability to manage data coming directly from production systems and transfer them to a single administration panel with very reduced costs and times thanks to the technologies with which it was developed.

Synaptica is currently focusing on the study of the following technologies:

  • Web server / web socket / MQTT implementation with high efficiency and great capacity to manage a large number of connections without losing performance and reducing the resources used
  • TASMOTA open source firmware analysis for application in the industrial field in order to replace very expensive and difficult to maintain proprietary systems
  • Use of Shelly systems as valid replacements for expensive and / or obsolete hardware. Among the many possibilities of use, Synaptica uses these devices to create remote consumption control systems for each server managed in its server farms.