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Radar Simulators and Tower Control

Born from the collaboration with Giovanni Brambilla (brambo.itand his ten-year professional experience in Paris in the context of “Air Traffic Control simulation in Bretigny (Eurocontrol Experimental Centre) Radar Simulator projects BARS” and Tower Control ATCS which Synaptica provides sales and technical support.
Several Italian Aeronautical technical institutes adopt every year for teaching purposes across Italy.


BARS – Basic ATC Radar Simulator

Able to emulate an entire ACC (Area Control Center) with multiple Radar simulation.
BARS consists of several modules:

Aircraft Manager System: provides control over every type of aircraft that will be used within the simulation. Simply enter the name, description, ICAO 4 digits and other values such as speed (Vne, Vr, Cruising speed, Approach Speed, Landing Speed) and parameters of ascent or descent. A utility view as the plane behaves as a function of those parameters.
Area Manager Systemprovides geographic control ATS. You can insert the way points, Nav Aids, ICP, TSE, AWY, Restricted areas, Airports, ILS procedures, Minimum Radar. This module works entirely with geographic coordinates so that you can take the manual AIP or Jeppesen and insert some ACCs or APPs.
Flight Managerprovides a list of all the exercises that can be managed by creating simplified flight.
Radar Screenis the Radar control station. Allows Zooming, Panning, ATS geography and setting colors, with ability to show or hide: AWY individually, WP, VOR, NDB, Ghost (Phantom)  points ,Restricted Areas individually.
Pilot Positionprovides access to a single controller, on which you can set up two or more positions of flight. Very convenient in case of high traffic density.
ACFT Position Computer (Server): this location allows access to all aircraft within the simulation.

The standard configuration of BARS includes four Radar stations and four Pilot Workstations connected to a Server location.
On this last station is expected to use two monitors: one to view/check the ACFT Position and one for the teacher, thus having a supervisory position not shared with students.
Also the Server location can be configured flexibly according to requirements.

ATCS – Aerodrome Tower Control Simulator

acts ATCS (Aerodrome Tower Control Simulator)was written for the needs of aeronautical schools.
In fact was implemented with paradigm “both sides of simulation” where controllers and pilots can constantly monitor what’s really going on in the airport and nearby from their vision during the entire simulation, this thanks to the massive use of virtualization technologies of space that implements a 3D virtual reality system.
Unlike other simulators ACTS allows simultaneously to add to reading data the visual simulation of what really happens.

ATCS is composed of five key software elements:

ATCS Serverhandled by the teacher, allows the exchange of information instantly between all stations involved in the simulation, it is also equipped with a weather set up utility.
ATCS Clienteach of these represents one of the planes involved in the simulation that can be governed simply and intuitively.
ATC 1: Control Tower vision module.
ATC 2form of representation of “Surface Movement Indicator Radar”.
Manager Tutorials: by this utility, the teacher can create dynamic exercises.

ATCS in action!

ACT_2 Preview

For information write to or to

In this link the Aeronautical Institute of Bergamo equipped with the Simulator ACTS.

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