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JuliuS is a software that allows you to automate web requests.

Through JuliuS you can monitor sites, extract data automatically from the web, or manage the phases of continus integration by coupling it to the IC tools you prefer because JuliuS also incorporates a rest web server and can be piloted via JSON / Rest in a very simple way.

Thanks to the integration of Google’s Chromium library, it allows you to have all the analysis / debug and inspection tools present in Chromium, what sets it apart:

  • Ability to automate Web browsing through a simple scripting language that drives navigation
  • He is able to click on the web page as if he were a system user in all respects
  • It also incorporates a mini webserver to be able to receive and send automation scripts to the page you are browsing
  • It also manages websites that incorporate iFrames in a very simple way


JuliuS was developed using Rad Studio 10.4.2


If you are interested on JuliuS write us at:


Main JuliuS features


With JuliuS you can automate JS snippet to navigate and extract data from every web sorces


Chromium engine allow you to analize web like a user that use chrome. With JuliuS you can create configuration with dynamic proxyes and much more


You can control every feature of JuliuS with simple http get, that allow you to inject JS code from remote or evaluate JS to get contents from every programming language in every SO.


You can run multiple instances on a single machine, only changing the web port for the remotable engine of JuliuS

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Download JuliuS