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Author: Ivan Revelli

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RAD Studio 10.4 – first impression

RadStudio 10.4 is a release that promises great things in all areas of this fantastic development environment. Taking a first test run we noticed: In FMX applications we have noticed a noticeable improvement in character rendering The new LSP (language server protocol) system seems to have made the IDE even more fluid and productive during…
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TCriticalSection Threrad Example Delphi

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Custom message SSH before login prompt in Linux

  Tested on ubuntu 18.04 server  The file /etc/ is a text file which contains a message or system identification to be printed before the login prompt of a telnet session. It may contain various ‘%-char’ (or, alternatively, ‘\-char’) sequences. The common char for output some informations are:

If you want to display your IP Configuration…
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Delphi Linux Daemon

Delphi Linux … create a background process… daemon service stay tuned

Testing Supermicro E50-9AP with ubuntu 20.04 LTS

    In collaboration with PegasoTeam we have just tested the fantastic Supermicro E50-9AP model with the newest version of Ubuntu server and desktop. We took the Supermicro E50-9AP model with the intel 8265 wifi module supplied by Supermicro and we tested it thoroughly. The product looks really good, compact, small and solid enough to…
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Apache enable compress on reverse proxy

Through Apache it is possible to enable the compression of the contents before they are sent to the http client (browser generally), all this through the “mod_deflate” module. To enable the deflate module you need to run the “a2enmod deflate” command and restart the apache service. A very interesting thing is that this functionality is…
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