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Author: Ivan Revelli

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Delphi TThread Synchronization

How to execute a method inside a TThread synchronously with the main Thread of the application is quite simple. Suppose we want to synchronize access to a count variable, we can use the TThread.Synchronize and TThread.Queue methods. The TThread.Syncronize method immediately executes the method interrupting the execution of the main Thread immediately while the TThread.Queue…
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ChatGPT & Delphi – OpenAI Chat

Today I tried to talk about programming with chatGPT…. and I must say I was amazed First I asked him for the code for a web server in Delphi: Then I asked him to add support for SSL Then if you give me an example of Machine Learning in Delphi Then I asked him what he…
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Remote Desktop Protocol RDP

Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol ( RDP )  è forse il più usato tra i sistemi per gestire il desktop remoto, e risulta anche essere uno tra i più veloci e smart da usare. RDP lavora di base sulla porta TCP 3389 ed è nativo in tutti gli ambienti MS-Windows, anche per Linux sono disponibili diversi…
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smartFB v. released

A new version of smartFB is ready to download. New in SQL Autocomplete ( bug fixed ) Added a Network utility to test or stress an http or https address Update JSON tool and Delphi Integration.   Download smartFB at:

Building a Standalone WebBroker Server for Linux – ThreadPool Management

With Delphi you can create a Linux stand alone webBrocker application server as you can see in the following video:     Yuo can also specify for you WebBrocker app the threadpool managing, that can help you to increase performance of your app server. In this example we configure a thread pool of 50 preallocated…
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