Simple solutions for complex problems!

The Synaptica know-how is constantly evolving following increasing technologies, customer’s needs and possibilities.

Our software solutions always point on a detailed definition of the requirements in order to support customers step by step to achieve successful projects and generate innovation.
That’s how come all Synaptica products!


Have a business? Do it simple!

The ERP cloud suite to manage all activities and data of your company in a simple way thus saving money and time.
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Communicate with YOUR style!

Digital signage, info and advertising as you want to build your personal marketing style.
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Web Scraper

We navigate the web for you!

Framework to make automatic web exploring and data extraction
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Radar and Control Tower simulators

BARS (Basic ATC Radar Simulator) e ATCS (Aerodrome Tower Control Simulator)
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Robot controller

Programming and monitoring of PLC systems
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Cloud as a Platform

Data & Cloud togheter!

Proprietary structured platform to expose databases and files in cloud with a standardized and secure interface
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Post & Get

Write and read from Cloud!

Tool to instantly develop and publish applications and data in the Cloud.
You can upload every type of contents and have it available simply through HTTP POST and GET methods
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Build your personal Cloud & IOT network!

Server and client applications to remotely control your devices via web.
You can send command and read data from laptops, desktops, Android & IOT-enabled devices, Arduino, etc… without the need of servers, static IP and customized web interface softwares.
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