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Install Firebird 5.0 over Ubuntu 22.04

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Install Firebird 5.0 over Ubuntu 22.04

Firebird 5.0 brings with it a remarkable series of improvements from many points of view, from performance to security to the management of parallel backups and restores. You can find these well described at the following link:

So, let’s get down to business, let’s install Firebird 5.0 on a nice Ubuntu 22.04 machine in our server farm.
For further information, please consult the documentation at

Sequential installation commands:

Installation process of Firebird 5.0

Verify if Firebird 5.0 is up and running

Let’s make sure we don’t have the service active

We open the configuration file mainly to allow TCP communication with old systems

Configuration settings for Firebird

Let’s start the already legendary Firebird 5.0

We check that it’s running just fine

Firebird 5.0 up and running

Ok, Firebird is up and running on your system.