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Remode Manager for developers

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Remode Manager is an application available for MAC OS X, Windows and Android (IOS working on…) able to instantly create a bridge to your devices making them reachable without the need of static IP addresses, web servers and so on and giving you a full device remote control through a simple HTTP or Bluetooth API.

The Manager integrates a fully portable Web Server running on your Mac, Win or Android device which manages authenticated connections giving remote access to installed applications as well as hardware peripherals (e.g. camera).

Remode APIs can be accessed either via Internet, Intranet, Bluetooth or navigating with a web browser through the integrated HTML control panel.

The File Share feature, when Remode is up and running, allows to create a personal and portable cloud storage by browsing, uploading and downloading files directly on your device wherever you are.

Key benefits of Remode

1) Ready-to-use HTTP interface to interact with device’s apps and peripherals.
2) Connection also via Internet without static IP addresses, web servers or dedicated domains/DNS entries.
3) Implement video streaming applications from the device directly to the web.
4) Build IOT-oriented applications using the USB/Bluetooth/Serial read & write APIs to remotely control multiple and heterogeneous devices and equipments (e.g. Arduino).

Remode development is still in progress.
Here you can find the Feature Matrix and the Remode API documentation.

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Download Remode Manager

Right now Remode Manager is freely available in a beta, no-warranty version for Max OS X and Windows users.
You can download the Android App, instead, from Google Play Store.

Remode Manager for Windows (click here to download)
Remode Manager for Mac OSX (click here to download)
Remode Manager for Android

Demo applications and examples are available in different programming languages:
– Java
– C #
– JavaScript


Below you can find a video overview of Remode Manager on Android connected to Arduino.

Getting started


Download and install Remode Manager for Windows (click here to download) , Mac (click here to download) or Android depending on your needs.

This is the main Remode Manager window:


Change your web admin username and password

The default administrator username and password for the remode web console are admin/admin, for security please change almost one of that.

Enable remote access

Use switches in the top part to enable/disable one or more connection modes (Bluetooth, WiFi/Intranet, Internet).
For the Network modes (Internet and Intranet) you can find the active connection URLs in the bottom part to access both Remode APIs and the integrated HTML control panel.

Internet connection does not need static IP addresses or DNS configuration thanks to the randomly assigned token (first part of the Internet connection URL). When you switch on the Internet connection mode, your token get registered and connected to the dedicated Synaptica “WebBridge” service making your device reachable through the web.


Functional test
Simply open in browser (e.g. from another device) one of the enabled connection URLs to access the HTML control panel as shown in the picture below.


To check if all is up and running, you can select the “Remote Control” menu and change Volume of your controlled device.

Playlist & File management
Playlists are collections of files which are organized in sequence and remotely playable through the remote control APIs. When you call, for example, the API to open an item included in a playlist, the file is opened/executed on the device where Remode Manager is running.
You can setup multiple playlists by dragging files in the bottom area of the Remode Manager main window.

This feature can be useful, for example, to manage slides and media content showing making use of a simple smartphone with the Remode Client Android App (available on Play Store) installed.

Settings section (base)

You can access the Settings page by clicking the setting icon in the top left part of the Remode Manager main window.


When installing Remode Manager, all settings are set to default values.
You can create different application setups through Workspaces (selector in the top part shows the current workspace).
You can assign a default playlist to the current Workspace.

Section “WiFi options”
Here you can choose to turn on the Intranet connection when Remode Manager starts.
You can also define user/password authentication for both Guest (can only access file share) and Admin users.
The File Share can be enabled or disabled and configured defining the root directory.

The “Bluetooth options” :
Define only autostart.

The “Internet Visibility” :
Define autostart and see your randomly assigned web token for Internet remote connections.