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Xtumble Web Builder 2 for Mac OSX 64bit

Xtumble Web Builder 2 is the basic tool with which we customize all the WEB experience of the applications built on the brand new cloud business platform Xtumble and with which we have created the e-commerce visible on . To allow developers / designers / web developers to be able to customize the applications…
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Firebird SQL – Verify if a string contains digit (number char)

From version 2.5 Firebird introduces the “SIMILAR TO” predicate which allows you to apply a subset of regular expressions in an SQL condition. The documentation of the “SIMILAR TO” predicate is available at If we wanted to check if there are numbers (DIGIT) inside a string, i.e. characters from ‘0’ to ‘9’ we could…
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Subversion over Ubuntu Server 20.04

Configure svn server over Apache2, using https.

  now let’s set the password of the first user:

  configuriamo gli accessi:

  we configure the accesses to the svn folders

  Apache restart:


Delphi …. retrive locale format setting

TFormatsettings is record type in Delphi which is used to get or set local information’s like DateTimeFormat, CurrencyFormat, DecimalSeparator etc. wich is declared in System.SysUtils. For Example you need to retrive your current DecimalSeparator:

If you need to force some local settings for conversions you can do for example:

If you want to…
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Delphi 10.4.1 on Android error : java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method

When you try to use the camera component and you get “java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method” only on “release” version of your application, probably you don’t have this setting to true: Check that the Project Options > Entitlements List > Secure File Sharing option is set to true.   good job

Firebird 3.0.7 Embedded with Delphi & Firedac

Unlike Firebird 2.5, Firebird 3 does not need a different DB connection library. In Windows, until today to distribute embedded Firebird fbembedd.dll was used instead of fbclient.dll, now with Firebird 3.0 fbclient.dll is always used both for the connection to a Firebird server and for the management of embedded / local DBs. In firebird the…
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