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Xtumble Web Builder 2 for Mac OSX 64bit

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Xtumble Web Builder 2 for Mac OSX 64bit

Xtumble Web Builder 2 is the basic tool with which we customize all the WEB experience of the applications built on the brand new cloud business platform Xtumble and with which we have created the e-commerce visible on .

To allow developers / designers / web developers to be able to customize the applications published on the Xtumble platform we have decided to package the development tools in this application downloadable at the following link : download Xtumble Web Builder.

It is currently in “Alpha” version and we plan to come out with a definitive version by September 2021.

The Xtumble platform allows you to publish Web applications created with any Web Front-End tool without any restrictions and provides the programmer with a series of server-side tools for which it is not necessary to write server-side code.

Xtumble Web Builder Features:

  1. Web page designer
  2. DOM navigation of your pages
  3. Preview and edit directly from the browser integrated into the app even during the site preview
  4. Local Web Server to test your works that also allows access to XtumbeCoreDB contents (via a valid Xtumble account)
  5. FileTransfert and file revision management towards Xtumble Cloud Platform integrated in the app.
  6. Integrated with Xtumble Cluod platoform server side features including:
    1. “Include” functionality of html components
    2. Access to the database defined XtumbleDBCoreEngine in which it is possible to insert place holders in your static contents
    3. Management of place holders for server-side inclusion of HTML or other content dynamically from the server
    4. Reverse address lookup to obtain the corresponding latitude and longitude coordinates
    5. management of WEB components for displaying data in the grid.


For those who want to try it, the download is free and you can also use it to create HTML content regardless of the Xtumble platform.