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Remote Debug on Android 6.0 with Raspberry PI3 and Delphi 10.0 Seattle

I was on testing our app remode on a Raspberry PI3 with Android 6.0 Marshmallow… so i need debug and i foud that can be done via lan simply using the command ADB “command” like:

Firemonkey bitmap scaling without Aliasing on Android

With Delphi , to the Seattle version , when you scale a bitmap image to enlarge using the command “Canvas.DrawBitmap(OiginalBitmap, RectF(0, 0, OiginalBitmap.Width, OiginalBitmap.Height), RectF(0, 0, Width, Height), 1, False);” the interpolation cant be disabled. A way to eliminate the problem is to manually scale the bitmap directly creating an image pixel by pixel .…
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TIPS for developing Delphi 10Seattle Apps on Apple environment

With Delphi 10Seattle can easily create beautiful applications for Mac OSX and iOS , it will be biased but The Delphi IDE is now truly exceptional ; First you need to configure the development environment , installing everything you need as well documented by Embarcadero . Once your environment is functioning well , this does…
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Firebird embedded on mac-osx

Users/ivanrevelli/Downloads/ cd Users/ivanrevelli/Downloads/ Users/ivanrevelli/Downloads/

Delphi XE5 – Share JCalendar Event on Android

The Java TimeInMills is similar to UnixTime but is in Millisenconds, so to convert it :