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Firebird SQL – Verify if a string contains digit (number char)

From version 2.5 Firebird introduces the “SIMILAR TO” predicate which allows you to apply a subset of regular expressions in an SQL condition. The documentation of the “SIMILAR TO” predicate is available at If we wanted to check if there are numbers (DIGIT) inside a string, i.e. characters from ‘0’ to ‘9’ we could…
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Firebird 3.0.7 Embedded with Delphi & Firedac

Unlike Firebird 2.5, Firebird 3 does not need a different DB connection library. In Windows, until today to distribute embedded Firebird fbembedd.dll was used instead of fbclient.dll, now with Firebird 3.0 fbclient.dll is always used both for the connection to a Firebird server and for the management of embedded / local DBs. In firebird the…
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SmartFB -a new version is avilable….

SmartFB is our internal tool to manage Firebird & Interbase databases, so we use smartFB instead IBExpert. SmartFB is a simple VCL program that we use to have an access to our databases in every PC and Virtual Machines where we not need a simple access to our databases. So we integrate in smartFB some…
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Charset Firebird 3.0 [malformed string error]

Character set encoding In Firebird 3.0, as is known in a field of a varchar or char type table, it is possible to define the type of encoding managed, or not specific. Through Firebird it is possible to record the content of the story from one set of characters and another simply with the SQL…
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Oracle import/export schema via SQL script running a JOB.

tested on Oracle XE 10g to make a simple bk from Oracle you can use dbms library like: create or replace directory dumpdir as ‘/home/[youruserpath]/’ /* ESPORTA DATI E METADATI DI UNO SCHEMA */ declare handle number; begin handle :=‘EXPORT’,’SCHEMA’); dbms_datapump.add_file(handle,'[destination_file_name].dmp’,’DUMPDIR’); DBMS_DATAPUMP.add_file( handle => Handle, filename => ‘.log’, directory => ‘DUMPDIR’, filetype => DBMS_DATAPUMP.KU$_FILE_TYPE_LOG_FILE…
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How to Restrict access to the phpMyAdmin by IP Address

Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS