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SmartFB -a new version is avilable….

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SmartFB -a new version is avilable….

SmartFB is our internal tool to manage Firebird & Interbase databases, so we use smartFB instead IBExpert.

SmartFB is a simple VCL program that we use to have an access to our databases in every PC and Virtual Machines where we not need a simple access to our databases.

So we integrate in smartFB some features that are useful for uso, also if is not strict related with database, like the new features present in this tool like:

  • A new JSON Editor that can be used to view JSON in Human readable format and to produce a compatible record structure for Delphi that can be used by Delphi developers with RTTI mapping.
  • JSON evaluation string to test Delphi evaluation string 
  • An Extended Regular Expression manager to test reg-ex over files
  • A windows to open/export clientdataset files format like CDS & xmll or TFDMemoryTable format that can be imported easily in some table of your database


You can find the installation executables at this link smartFB