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Firemonkey bitmap scaling without Aliasing on Android

With Delphi , to the Seattle version , when you scale a bitmap image to enlarge using the command “Canvas.DrawBitmap(OiginalBitmap, RectF(0, 0, OiginalBitmap.Width, OiginalBitmap.Height), RectF(0, 0, Width, Height), 1, False);” the interpolation cant be disabled. A way to eliminate the problem is to manually scale the bitmap directly creating an image pixel by pixel .…
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TIPS for developing Delphi 10Seattle Apps on Apple environment

With Delphi 10Seattle can easily create beautiful applications for Mac OSX and iOS , it will be biased but The Delphi IDE is now truly exceptional ; First you need to configure the development environment , installing everything you need as well documented by Embarcadero . Once your environment is functioning well , this does…
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Delphi 10Seattle – Get current device language

Here is a sample code (function) to get the current language (locale) in Delphi 10Seattle. This simple procedure return the locale language for Windows, Mac and Android.

A beautiful app to manage cameras for Android built with Firemonkey

  available on Play Store at this link  

Delphi XE5 – Share JCalendar Event on Android

The Java TimeInMills is similar to UnixTime but is in Millisenconds, so to convert it :

Delphi – Indy idTCPServer and idTCPClient

This is a simple example for usign Nevrona Indy components in Delphi to create a small server application using TCP/IP protocol. TO simplify we can build an example where there is a Server Application that recive a string from a Client App. and then return that string to the Client , but we use streams…
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