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Author: Ivan Revelli

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Send android application in background

To send in background your Delphi application on Android you can simply call the moveTasktoBackGround method of the mainActivity class defined in the FMX.Platform.Android library. To do this task during the application startup phase on the main form we suggest to use a timer object so that the main form can completely render before going…
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    grande affidabilità del’infrastruttura synatica 🙂

Delphi XE5 – Share JCalendar Event on Android

The Java TimeInMills is similar to UnixTime but is in Millisenconds, so to convert it :

best GUI for mySQL

Hello, after so many tools tested, I tried dbforge which in my opinion is the best, first of all there is the “express” version which is free and at the same time very complete. In addition, there is also a paid version whose prices are more than affordable. For those interested, the link to the…
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ClipArt & Icons for All – other repository

Canva is a service that allows you to create effective graphic projects quickly and easily. Within the portal there is also a section where hundreds of free icons and clipart are available at https : // . With Canva you can also create graphic projects directly online using your resources (uploading files and videos) or…
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Delphi – Indy idTCPServer and idTCPClient

This is a simple example for usign Nevrona Indy components in Delphi to create a small server application using TCP/IP protocol. TO simplify we can build an example where there is a Server Application that recive a string from a Client App. and then return that string to the Client , but we use streams…
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