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Author: Ivan Revelli

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Make your launcher app in Android

Yesterday I found a simple application with Delphi source , here , that allows you to manage and search the applications installed on your Android device . To which I got the idea of ​​trying to make a launcher for Android using a IMX6 card ( Cortex A8 ) to do the test. The thing…
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Firebird SQL & Interbase list of all foreign keys

With that simple peace of code you can retrive the full list of all “FK” Foreign Key of an Interbase or Firebird DB.


TIPS for developing Delphi 10Seattle Apps on Apple environment

With Delphi 10Seattle can easily create beautiful applications for Mac OSX and iOS , it will be biased but The Delphi IDE is now truly exceptional ; First you need to configure the development environment , installing everything you need as well documented by Embarcadero . Once your environment is functioning well , this does…
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The Haversine formula in Firebird SQL => Calculate distance between two WGS84 Points

Hi, I think might be helpful, today for a customer i do the Haversine formulas for Firebird Sql as a stored procedure. This formula allow you to calculate the distance in meter between two WGS84 datum points(degree points of Earth). You can call the procedure like this:

The result wil be aprox 14Km, the…
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Remode Manager for Android

Remode Manager is a particular Web Server that lets you send commands to your Android device . All commands are interpreted by Remode simple http API . Among these controls are also APIs to read and write to a serial cable OTG . It is full done with Delphi 10Seattle except for an Extrnal jar…
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