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smartFB v. released

A new version of smartFB is ready to download. New in SQL Autocomplete ( bug fixed ) Added a Network utility to test or stress an http or https address Update JSON tool and Delphi Integration.   Download smartFB at:

Building a Standalone WebBroker Server for Linux – ThreadPool Management

With Delphi you can create a Linux stand alone webBrocker application server as you can see in the following video:     Yuo can also specify for you WebBrocker app the threadpool managing, that can help you to increase performance of your app server. In this example we configure a thread pool of 50 preallocated…
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Ubuntu add a swap file into another disk

Ubuntu / Debian – How to add storage ( HDD,SDD, nVME) to your system

Come aggiungere un disco al proprio sistema Linux ( nel ns. caso Ubuntu), il tutto usando semplicemente la linea di comando,i passaggi sono semplici: Connettere l’unità di archiviazione Controllare che il sistema riconosca l’unità ( fdisk -l ) Creare una ( o più ) partizione al disco ( sempre con fdisk )  Formattare la partizione…
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Firefox howto enable browsing on old TLS 1.2 and older TLS version

If you have and old hardware or service that expose the configuration interface on old https with an old encryption protocol, all browser block you site ( even if is remote or locally ). On Firefox you need to write in the address bar : “about:config” after that, in the config search bar write “tls”:…
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