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Author: Ivan Revelli

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Apache – redirect HTTP2HTTPS

Per eseguire il “rewrite”, per redirigere tutte le richieste http ad https di un dominio e di tutti i suoi sottodomini è sufficiente abilitare il “rewriteEngine” e inserire la condizione di rewrite e la corrispondente regola. Nel seguente esempio il dominio “” e tutti i suoi sottodomini “*” vengono rediretti verso i corrispondenti in https.…
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Charset Firebird 3.0 [malformed string error]

Character set encoding In Firebird 3.0, as is known in a field of a varchar or char type table, it is possible to define the type of encoding managed, or not specific. Through Firebird it is possible to record the content of the story from one set of characters and another simply with the SQL…
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Oracle import/export schema via SQL script running a JOB.

tested on Oracle XE 10g to make a simple bk from Oracle you can use dbms library like: create or replace directory dumpdir as ‘/home/[youruserpath]/’ /* ESPORTA DATI E METADATI DI UNO SCHEMA */ declare handle number; begin handle :=‘EXPORT’,’SCHEMA’); dbms_datapump.add_file(handle,'[destination_file_name].dmp’,’DUMPDIR’); DBMS_DATAPUMP.add_file( handle => Handle, filename => ‘.log’, directory => ‘DUMPDIR’, filetype => DBMS_DATAPUMP.KU$_FILE_TYPE_LOG_FILE…
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Delphi and WebSoket

WebSocket is a technology that allows a bidirectional interaction between server and client, you will tell me, nothing new with a socket connection of the 90’s we did the same thing. True!!! The thing that makes this technology very advantageous is that first of all, it implements standards in data transmission and use protocols but…
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How to Restrict access to the phpMyAdmin by IP Address

Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

SVN Tips

Completely remove SVN references from a folder recursively:

Undo add … if by mistake as often happens it is called “add” and involuntarily you add infinite files to be committed that you did not want to version, to go back before having committed just run: