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pfSense Cron Iterface

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pfSense Cron Iterface

With pfSense there are many “package” tools available that facilitate the configuration and maintenance of the system.

These include “Cron” which allows you to change the configuration of the operating system crontab (BSD) via the web interface.

To install a package, just select from the menu “System / Package Manager / Available Package /” write the desired package in the search field and install it, in this case “cron”.

One of the most common applications to schedule is the periodic reboot of the system.

Once “cron” is installed, if we wanted to reboot the system every night, it would be sufficient to create a new cron job via the “service / cron” menu

Click on “+Add” to configure the job ad ex:

where I reboot the firewall to the office every morning at 05.30.

Creating more complex scripts could also make the reboot conditional, for example we could only execute it if we do not get a reply by pinging