Embarcadero Rad Studio / Delphi 10.2 is released

The popular development platform “Rad Studio” Embarcadero reaches the 10.2 version of Linux reintroduction as a supported platform.
At the moment the only compilation target for linux x86 64bit, which to me is very tight, because it is a native environment the target that I would have loved to ARM’s 32/64-bit fast to develop modules for my raspberry fikissimo but at the moment I only have to do this Lazarus.
Others desire (my) would be the possibility of having a renderer fast-gui report released from the operating system to create my small local reports / server also on mobile platforms and of course on my fantasy Raspberry.
However big thing, at least 64 linux entered the supported platforms, currently suggest you use RedHat or Ubuntu as a development platform.

Below is a video about news of this fabulous, but a little expensive development environment, now to follow a video about news on the possibilities of server side applications to Linux distribution.

Delphi Linux Server Support in RAD Studio 10.2

New FireMonkey Features in RAD Studio 10.2

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