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Avoid scrolling reset (marquee ellipsize) on Android TextView

This post taken from stack overflow is very very useful to save a lot of time and coding! The problem is that the horizontal scroll animation on an Android TextView in mode ellipsize marquee is reset every time in the containing layout something changes when a relative size is set on the TextView (MATCH_PARENT…
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Firebird embedded on mac-osx

Users/ivanrevelli/Downloads/ cd Users/ivanrevelli/Downloads/ Users/ivanrevelli/Downloads/

Send android application in background

To send in background your Delphi application on Android you can simply call the moveTasktoBackGround method of the mainActivity class defined in the FMX.Platform.Android library. To do this task during the application startup phase on the main form we suggest to use a timer object so that the main form can completely render before going…
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A beautiful app to manage cameras for Android built with Firemonkey

  available on Play Store at this link  


    grande affidabilità del’infrastruttura synatica 🙂

Delphi XE5 – Share JCalendar Event on Android

The Java TimeInMills is similar to UnixTime but is in Millisenconds, so to convert it :