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Delphi Linux getting MacAddress

In linux every adapter configuration has a file system path, for example the adapter eth0 has all configuration, in some text files located in “/sys/class/net/eth0/”. The file whose name is “address” contains a single line with the mac adrress value.



In Synaptica, sustainability and low environmental impact are fundamental values ​​shared naturally by all of us. The passion for nature, animals and the environment have always led us to keep an eye on the environment. This vision also led us to make initially more difficult choices (usually as an initial investment) but which turned out…
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old style delphi records really helpfull to manage serial protocols

      thank’s to my self obviusly

Delphi Tips…. string to stream

Manage a System.string as buffer to copy content of string into a generic TStream:


disable NetworkManager-wait-online.service

Unlike some multi-user environments most Ubuntu desktop users have the Operating System and drivers on their hard disks, SSDs or Live Boot USBs. There is a glitch where some users wait an extremely long time for network to come up during boot. In this case the recommendations is to set the maximum wait time to…
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Country codes for localize your apps

Country codes: Locale Languagecode LCIDstring LCIDDecimal LCIDHexadecimal Codepage Afrikaans af af 1078 436 1252 Albanian sq sq 1052 1250 Amharic am am 1118 Arabic – Algeria ar ar-dz 5121 1401 1256 Arabic – Bahrain ar ar-bh 15361 1256 Arabic – Egypt ar ar-eg 3073 1256 Arabic – Iraq ar ar-iq 2049 801 1256 Arabic –…
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