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First test on Ubuntu 22.04 Delphi 11.1

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First test on Ubuntu 22.04 <--> Delphi 11.1


Test Ubuntu 22.04:

  1. Ubuntu 22.04 Server distro for Intel / AMD x64 on virtualization environments (all configured with 4core and 2virt, 8GB, 40GB SSD):
    1. VMWare Fusion for MacOSX  –> passed no issue 
    2. VMWare Workstation –> passed no issue
    3. KVM –> passed no issue
  2. Ubuntu 22.04 Server on this hardware conf:
    1. Dell T440 Intel Xeon Silver, RAM 128GB DDR4, HDD 4tb nvme pcie+ –> passed no issue
    2. Dell Workstation 5820 Intel Xeon Silver –> passed no issue
    3. Raspberry PI4 & Raspberry PI3b+ –> not done until now
  3. Ubuntu 22.04 Server with this software:
    1. Firebird server 3.0.8 –> passed no issue 
    2. OpenSSL 3.0 –> not done until now
    3. PAServer 22 per Embarcadero Delphi 11.1–> passed no issue


  • netplan is always the default network management system. The entry “gateway4” is replaced with “Default route” cAs per the documentation, it seems to me a step forward towards multi-gateway and routing management compared to the previous management. Apart from this, no network configuration issues currently encountered.


  • Firebird on the standard repository is up to version 3.0.8 and not 4.0 as i aspected


  • Testing Delphi 11.1 and PAServer 22 under Ubuntu 22.04:.

To compile with Delphi you need at least those packages:

Installare PAServer ( always the last release )


And now try to compile on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS