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Make your launcher app in Android

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Make your launcher app in Android

Yesterday I found a simple application with Delphi source , here , that allows you to manage and search the applications installed on your Android device .
To which I got the idea of ​​trying to make a launcher for Android using a IMX6 card ( Cortex A8 ) to do the test.
The thing that most surprised me is the simplicity with which you can create a launcher for Android without the need to have the dare root .

To do this you must simply give the following permission to the project :

And change the category of principal activity in Manifest.Template.xml file like:

Once the manifest has been simply fill out the application on the device and restart it.

Once Android is distributed launcher asked me what I wanted to use, and if by magic from the list there was also my application.

you can see the result in this video: