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Testing Supermicro E50-9AP with ubuntu 20.04 LTS

    In collaboration with PegasoTeam we have just tested the fantastic Supermicro E50-9AP model with the newest version of Ubuntu server and desktop. The SYS-E50-9AP-WIFI if avilable on Synaptica shop at this link We took the Supermicro E50-9AP model with the intel 8265 wifi module supplied by Supermicro and we tested it thoroughly. The…
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Apache enable compress on reverse proxy

Through Apache it is possible to enable the compression of the contents before they are sent to the http client (browser generally), all this through the “mod_deflate” module. To enable the deflate module you need to run the “a2enmod deflate” command and restart the apache service. A very interesting thing is that this functionality is…
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Apache – redirect HTTP2HTTPS

Per eseguire il “rewrite”, per redirigere tutte le richieste http ad https di un dominio e di tutti i suoi sottodomini è sufficiente abilitare il “rewriteEngine” e inserire la condizione di rewrite e la corrispondente regola. Nel seguente esempio il dominio “” e tutti i suoi sottodomini “*” vengono rediretti verso i corrispondenti in https.…
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Charset Firebird 3.0 [malformed string error]

Character set encoding In Firebird 3.0, as is known in a field of a varchar or char type table, it is possible to define the type of encoding managed, or not specific. Through Firebird it is possible to record the content of the story from one set of characters and another simply with the SQL…
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Oracle import/export schema via SQL script running a JOB.

tested on Oracle XE 10g to make a simple bk from Oracle you can use dbms library like: create or replace directory dumpdir as ‘/home/[youruserpath]/’ /* ESPORTA DATI E METADATI DI UNO SCHEMA */ declare handle number; begin handle :=‘EXPORT’,’SCHEMA’); dbms_datapump.add_file(handle,'[destination_file_name].dmp’,’DUMPDIR’); DBMS_DATAPUMP.add_file( handle => Handle, filename => ‘.log’, directory => ‘DUMPDIR’, filetype => DBMS_DATAPUMP.KU$_FILE_TYPE_LOG_FILE…
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How to install a Certificate SSL DVW on Apache Web Server

1)Purchase your Certificate SSL DVW (Domain Validated Wildcard ) from your provider. 2)Log in to your server’s terminal via Secure Shell (SSH). 3)Generate a private key and CSR by running the following command:

Note: Replace “server” with the domain name you intend to secure. Enter the following CSR details when prompted: Common Name: The FQDN (fully-qualified domain name) you want to…
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