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Delphi Android WiFi Manager

L’obiettivo era quello di connettersi a livello programmatico ad una specifica WiFi da qui è sorta l’esigenza di gestire in modo completo la classe Java WifiManager. Nei tre metodi principali riportati di seguito avremo: riconoscimento dell’IP Address assegnato alla porta wifi Elenco delle Wifi disponibili (quelle che il dispositivo riconosce) Elenco delle configurazioni WiFi salvate…
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ADB Android Shell Find Files

To find a file in the Android Shell “ADB” you can use this command:

you can do the same with

but you can’t see the directory where is the file

Delphi/Firemonkey memory check on Android App by ActivityManager

Tested on Delphi 10 Seattle. by importing “ActivityManager” you can check the status of memory from you Android Applications, and check a lot of other things like if a process is running. here is the demo apk memtestandroid.apk and the source code : android_memorymanager_source

Delphi Firemonkey manage VirtualKeyboard on mobile applications

In Firemonkey you can manage the virtualkeyboard on your mobile applications. if you need that the keyboard not autoshow in your application when a text box is selected you can add this code:

obviusly to enable the virtual keyboard:

so if you have the virtualkeyboard enabled and you want to hide when and…
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Remote Debug on Android 6.0 with Raspberry PI3 and Delphi 10.0 Seattle

I was on testing our app remode on a Raspberry PI3 with Android 6.0 Marshmallow… so i need debug and i foud that can be done via lan simply using the command ADB “command” like:

Firemonkey check screen orientation

To check with Delphi / Firemonkey if the screen is in Landscape or Portrait mode i use the FMXPlatform library as in the example: