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Working on Remode Synaptica IOT box!

We are building a prototype of a ready-to-use box to provide remote read/write access to your devices via web. Based on Raspberry pi 3 + Android, Remode Manager App will be preinstalled and configured so that a simple usb/serial connection will instantly allow to remotely send command or receive data to Arduino or other IOT-oriented…
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Enjoying our meal! :-)

Avoid scrolling reset (marquee ellipsize) on Android TextView

This post taken from stack overflow is very very useful to save a lot of time and coding! The problem is that the horizontal scroll animation on an Android TextView in mode ellipsize marquee is reset every time in the containing layout something changes when a relative size is set on the TextView (MATCH_PARENT…
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Firebird embedded on mac-osx

Users/ivanrevelli/Downloads/ cd Users/ivanrevelli/Downloads/ Users/ivanrevelli/Downloads/

A beautiful app to manage cameras for Android built with Firemonkey

  available on Play Store at this link