Cloud as a Framework

The Cloud as you want!

Framework for developing customized and integrated Cloud services

The Cloud as resource

The acquisition and use of Cloud services enables companies to outsource the entire software and hardware eliminating infrastructure costs and enjoying all the advantages of scalability, accessibility and reliability of dedicated and cloud systems always updated.
Besides an undisputed economic advantage, migration to the cloud allows and encourages also the optimization and focus of applications and business support tools with a great strategic advantage resulting from essential standardization and rationalization of processes.

The constraints of the Cloud

This standardization often imposes constraints and important conditions arising from the obligation to adopt generalized software and services, so by definition poorly adaptable to specific needs.
It follows that the transition to the Cloud may require large restructuring of processes and that the company invests new standards and instruments considerably unproductive activities such as process reengineering or the training of staff on new work tools. Often this type of costs are certainly higher entry barrier for small and medium-sized companies that are reluctant or even unable to get into the Cloud.

Also the software and Cloud services often respond to specific needs hardly to integrate, not allowing, therefore, to exploit the full potential and forcing to use tools still differentiated according to the different needs of the company.
As a result the company improves processes and reduces costs, but it doesn’t have a suitable integrated and flexible solution.


The Synaptica solution

Synaptica has developed and offers a revolutionary Cloud oriented to support business processes and especially to integrate them and adapt very easily to processes, tools and special needs of each client.
Cloud Synaptica provides the infrastructure and the environment needed to developcustom applications for every need at low cost because it makes it easy to interfacedevices and client-side terminals (eg. PC, smartphone, web applications …) with server-side databases and differentiated services (eg. Database, document management, electronic invoicing, shared services …).

cloud2 This is a set of web services and software utilities combined into «middleware» that exposes an extremely evolved standardized interface  in which each client can log on with ease and immediacy to the Cloud.
This sort of  «decoupling» between client and server enables the maximum freedom in the development of Cloud services and creates them in different way and custom as well as shared and standardized, to obtain effective data protection and access control, collection and processing of access statistics, total integration between software and services that share databases and repository, etc.
It also allows you to implement custom client applications, optimized and dedicated, with technologies and devices best suited to the needs and to the facilities of the company, free from licenses and technological constraints imposed by standard server side.
Many of Synaptica products are made using this Framework.
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