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Resizing kvm qcow2 disk part 2

The evolution of KVM and qemu is constant. To increase the size of a qcow2 disk just follow the steps below: Shut down the virtual machine Resize the image with

where SIZE is the size (e.g. 30G for 30 gibibytes). Boot into an external live OS and resize the partition.  So if you wanto to extend…
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How To Use Apache as a Reverse Proxy on Ubuntu 20.04

A reverse proxy is a type of proxy server that accepts HTTP (S) requests and transparently distributes them to one or more backend servers. You can use a reverse proxy to prevent direct access to these underlying application servers. They can also be used to distribute the load of incoming requests to different application servers.…
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Configure Open VPN over PFSense 2.5

Configuring an OpenVPN over pfSense is quite simple. In this video you can see, how to configure a VPN on the lastest release of pfSense using the VPN Wizard.

Subversion over Ubuntu Server 20.04

Configure svn server over Apache2, using https.

  ora impostiamo la password del primo utente:

  configuriamo gli accessi:

  configuriamo gli accessi

  riavvio di apache:


Ubuntu 20.04 – Massive change of permissions and users to folders and files separately

With bash you can more and more… In linux you can use the “find” command from terminal and execute a command for each result simply. To change all subfolder permission from a folder recursively you can type:

now all falders have the execution permission. To change all files permission from a folder recursively you…
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Ubuntu 20.04 – Startup Applications on session login

Per poter eseguire automaticamente un’applicazione alla partenza della sessione gnome esiste un software presente nella distribuzione di Ubuntu. Può essere richiamato a riga di comando: 

oppure da interfaccia cercando tra le applicazione e filtrando per “start”              e poi è possibile creare un elemento nuovo per lo startup dell’applicazione…
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