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How to Hide Div when Click Outside of the Element using jQuery

Hide element on click outside, is a must-have functionality for the dropdown menu. Apart from that, it also used in some situations where you need to hide div when the user clicks outside of this element. You can easily hide div or element when click outside of it using jQuery. In the example code snippet,…
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How to install a Certificate SSL DVW on Apache Web Server

1)Purchase your Certificate SSL DVW (Domain Validated Wildcard ) from your provider. 2)Log in to your server’s terminal via Secure Shell (SSH). 3)Generate a private key and CSR by running the following command:

Note: Replace “server” with the domain name you intend to secure. Enter the following CSR details when prompted: Common Name: The FQDN (fully-qualified domain name) you want to…
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PHP json_decode() Function

Decode JSON object with an array value:

Decode array of JSON object:

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VCL – Load HTML code in TWebBrowser

Easy HTML editor with instant preview into TWebBrowser Component to use: – TSynedit – TSynHTMLSyn – TWebBrowser – TTimer (set Interval 1000) – TSplitter (set Align alLeft) Here the code:


List of all selected checkboxes into a JSON string

Add class to checkbox

Create a function to return a JSON string

Here an example