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Enable Office365 basic auth for specific domains

BasicAuth for Microsoft Office365 is deprecated. But if you have a WebDav share in your lan that use the user/password auth method you can add your domain to a “BasicAllowList” on your Office settings. To add your domain in your Office365 you need to edit your Windows Registy via regEdit. Suppose you have Xtumble as…
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Intallare Firebird 5.0 su Ubuntu 22.04

Firebird 5.0 porta con se una serie notevole di migliorie su tanti punti di vista, dalle performance alla sicurezza alla gestione dei backup e restore paralleli, che potete trovare ben descritte al seguente link: Quindi veniamo al sodo, installiamo Firebird 5.0 su una bella macchinetta Ubuntu 22.04 nella nostra server farm. Per ulteriori info…
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Ubuntu 22.04 configure Access Point by shell commands

Configure access point WiFi in minutes

KVM -HowTo move or copy a VM from Host to onther Host

To transfer a KVM virtual machine (VM) from one host to another, you can follow the steps below: Make sure you have the same version of KVM on both hosts. You can verify this by running the kvm –version command. Stop the VM you want to transfer. You can do this using the command virsh…
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Ubuntu LTS update Apache2 to the lastest version via SSH

To update Apache2 to the lasted version on Ubuntu is quite simpe:     Verify current Apache version:  

Add Apache repository:

Update apt:

Upgrade apt:

  And now ( in my case, with Ubuntu 22.04 current date) my new Apache2 release is:  

Linux Tips – How to – Install Samba Server on Ubuntu 22.04 desktop & server

Install samba server:

backup config filee:

create a shared folder for your user, like:

edit samba config file:

replace all smb.conf with this:

restart samba:

associarte a samba password to your systemm user:

restart samba:

Mount your share in MS Windows via shell by create a new…
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