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Ubuntu add a swap file into another disk

Ubuntu / Debian – How to add storage ( HDD,SDD, nVME) to your system

Come aggiungere un disco al proprio sistema Linux ( nel ns. caso Ubuntu), il tutto usando semplicemente la linea di comando,i passaggi sono semplici: Connettere l’unità di archiviazione Controllare che il sistema riconosca l’unità ( fdisk -l ) Creare una ( o più ) partizione al disco ( sempre con fdisk )  Formattare la partizione…
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Configure a NFS share in your LAN with Ubuntu 20.04

Configuring NFS Server: Installing NFS services on your ubuntu system

configure mount folders and define sub nets can access to

/etc/export sample:

Verify export options

Configure your MS-Windows 10 client: You can find info to configure MSWin as NFS client at this link: Configure your MacOSX client:

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MS Windows https / tls security Error solution:Error sending data: (12175) A security error occurred.

Some older MS-Windows version doesn’t support newest TLS protocol for winhttp library, so there is an official patch for this at this link: The error occurred was: “Error sending data: (12175) A security error occurred.” Otherwise to test your server protocols, a vary usefull service is:

Windows kill application programmatically

To force quit an application by application name in MS-Windows you can use “taskkill” command. To kill an application by app name using taskkill you can write:

In this example we kill our application “JuliuS” .

Resizing kvm qcow2 disk part 2

The evolution of KVM and qemu is constant. To increase the size of a qcow2 disk just follow the steps below: Shut down the virtual machine Resize the image with

where SIZE is the size (e.g. 30G for 30 gibibytes). Boot into an external live OS and resize the partition.  So if you wanto to extend…
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