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Formazione in iFaber

Ciao a tutti! Un breve articolo per documentare l’attività che con Ivan stiamo svolgendo da consulenti in iFaber. Il progetto, nato in collaborazione con Elever srl ormai un anno fa, è finalizzato alla realizzazione di una portale web per la gestione e qualifica dei fornitori. Il portale è destinato sia ad uso interno (Unicredit) che…
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Oracle tip #8 [Enable apex not only for localhost]

After installing Oracle 10g on an Ubuntu 9.04 system, i found that the Apex application was enabled only for the localhost. Some time is necessary open or close the access of apex from remote. To do this is only need to access to your oracle system by a dba user and run this sql command:…
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Oracle Tips 7 [ora 12519 tnsno appropriate service handler found]

Using JDBC with Oracle 10g i found this error : “ora 12519 tnsno appropriate service handler found”, today i found an article on Internet about. I only execute on apex query :

after that i restarted my Oracle10gXe server on my server, and all works well !!! incredible

Oracle Tips #5 [Exception on the fly]

[lang_en] To raise an Exception from a Trigger, Stored Procedure or Function without needing anything you can use the function : raise_application_error. Syntax : raise_application_error(<your exception integer code>, <your string description>); Per scatenare un eccezione da un Trigger o una Stored Procedure o una Funzione Oracle si può semplicemente utilizzare la funzione di sistema :…
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Oracle Tips #3 [Extract Metadata Info ]

by using some simple view in Oracle you can extract a lot of information about your DB schema, some explicit samples : (assuming that MyDBOwner is the owner of the DB and ACTIVITY is a table of a schema, this sample is succesfully tested on Oracle 10g)

a great article about this is :…
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Oracle Tips #1 [Common Functions]

I just starting on using Oracle 10g …. how to 1 : how retrive a guid from Oracle

how to 2 : how retrive next value from a Sequence

how to 3 : Oracle db Link , how to manage sql between multiple schema … With DB Link you can produce sql /…
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