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ChatGPT & Delphi – OpenAI Chat

Today I tried to talk about programming with chatGPT…. and I must say I was amazed First I asked him for the code for a web server in Delphi: Then I asked him to add support for SSL Then if you give me an example of Machine Learning in Delphi Then I asked him what he…
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Ubuntu add a swap file into another disk

Ubuntu / Debian – How to add storage ( HDD,SDD, nVME) to your system

Come aggiungere un disco al proprio sistema Linux ( nel ns. caso Ubuntu), il tutto usando semplicemente la linea di comando,i passaggi sono semplici: Connettere l’unità di archiviazione Controllare che il sistema riconosca l’unità ( fdisk -l ) Creare una ( o più ) partizione al disco ( sempre con fdisk )  Formattare la partizione…
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Configure a NFS share in your LAN with Ubuntu 20.04

Configuring NFS Server: Installing NFS services on your ubuntu system

configure mount folders and define sub nets can access to

/etc/export sample:

Verify export options

Configure your MS-Windows 10 client: You can find info to configure MSWin as NFS client at this link: Configure your MacOSX client:

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MS Windows https / tls security Error solution:Error sending data: (12175) A security error occurred.

Some older MS-Windows version doesn’t support newest TLS protocol for winhttp library, so there is an official patch for this at this link: The error occurred was: “Error sending data: (12175) A security error occurred.” Otherwise to test your server protocols, a vary usefull service is:

Windows kill application programmatically

To force quit an application by application name in MS-Windows you can use “taskkill” command. To kill an application by app name using taskkill you can write:

In this example we kill our application “JuliuS” .