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nice C++ tutorial for beginners, from embarcadero

Those sections of C++ tutorials are very simple. Otherwise they explain the differences between Delphi (pascal) language and C++. Good job: Session 1: Session 2:

Serial Comunication on Fpc (Target HW : Arduino)

We have tried the Synapse Library, to build an application with Lazarus for serial comunication on Linux. The library seems very good, no need installation, only using unit, in this case synaser.pas. The project is open source and well organized. With the sample project we connected an Arduino that is a very cheap microcontroller. Some…
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Lazarus beta ..

The Lazarus project is a Delphi clone IDE based on the open source project “Free Pascal”, this project exists from several years. Under windows i use Delphi that is a really rocks , the advantage of Lazarus is that is OpenSource and work under a lot of O/S like Windows, MacOSX and Linux. The compiler…
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