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Eclipse + zk

Needed application running • java virtual machine (if you are running ubuntu i suggest the ubuntu package “openjdk-6-jdk”) Needed files • eclipse-jee-ganymede-linux-gtk.tar.gz from • from • zk-bin-3.0.7.tar.gz from Operation • unpack eclipse somewhere. • put the jar file contained in the into the directory /plugins • restart eclipse if opened…
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Ubuntu 8.04 LTS + openjdk6 + apache-tomcat-6.0.18

Prerequisites • Ubuntu 8.04 (you can try with other ubuntu/debian, with other OS you have to install JVM in a different way) Needed files: • from

unpack where you want (i used /usr/local/tomcat, change the following commands accordingly if you have used a different directory) set JAVA_HOME environment variable:

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delphi drag & drop from shell (IDropTarget interface)

Per permettere a un applicazione in windows di accatere drag end drop bisogna obbligatoriamente pasare per la tecnologia com e astrarre l’interfaccia IDROP_TARGET. Questa procedura seppur non complicata descritta molto bene nei suoi aspetti per le applicazioni delphi dall’articolo riportato : permette di fare cose notevoli. Sicuramente la procedura seppur non difficile comporta qualche…
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from the stone

picasso tribute

Associate your program with file extension

article source : author : Igor Siticov For creating file associations you should make some registry changes and inform Windows explorer about your changes. For launching your program as default for all unregistered file types just associate it for “*” file type. The following unit includes realization of function for creating file association. See…
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JNI Interface used to integrate static C++/Delphi Library in Java

Today i found some great post to make an integration between JAVA and static library genetated with C++ using JNI. post links : stay tuned ivan…