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Ubuntu add a swap file into another disk

Ubuntu / Debian – How to add storage ( HDD,SDD, nVME) to your system

Come aggiungere un disco al proprio sistema Linux ( nel ns. caso Ubuntu), il tutto usando semplicemente la linea di comando,i passaggi sono semplici: Connettere l’unità di archiviazione Controllare che il sistema riconosca l’unità ( fdisk -l ) Creare una ( o più ) partizione al disco ( sempre con fdisk )  Formattare la partizione…
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Firefox howto enable browsing on old TLS 1.2 and older TLS version

If you have and old hardware or service that expose the configuration interface on old https with an old encryption protocol, all browser block you site ( even if is remote or locally ). On Firefox you need to write in the address bar : “about:config” after that, in the config search bar write “tls”:…
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Ubuntu LTS Release Duration

From Ubuntu official site you can check all about support of your Ubuntu SO support at :

How to clear DNS cache on Ubuntu

Operating systems such as Windows automatically create temporary records on all websites visited in the so-called DNS cache. The information contained is valid for a limited period of time. A DNS flush, i.e. a flushing of the cache, removes data from the system before the time limit expires. For clear DNS cache open the terminal…
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Delphi 11.1 – NetHttpClient Security Error (12175) on old Windows System

Error occurred when releasing apps developed with Delphi 11.1 on older windows operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 2008 srv and Windows 2012 Server. Simply invoking a simple “get” call with the netHttpClient class I would get the “Security Error (12175)” error. To solve the problem, it was sufficient to exclude the “THTTPSecureProtocol.SSL2” protocol from the…
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