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Screen Capture to AVI

freeware tools (for windows) to record monitor , i’ve tryed it and i like it link :


e anche quest’anno il momento del relax è arrivato!!! da oggi 11/08/2008 al 31/08/2008 synaptica va in vacanza …… cmq da bravi nertz leggeremo le mail (forse) a presto e buone vacanze a tutti …

from the stone

picasso tribute

Associate your program with file extension

article source : author : Igor Siticov For creating file associations you should make some registry changes and inform Windows explorer about your changes. For launching your program as default for all unregistered file types just associate it for “*” file type. The following unit includes realization of function for creating file association. See…
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JNI Interface used to integrate static C++/Delphi Library in Java

Today i found some great post to make an integration between JAVA and static library genetated with C++ using JNI. post links : stay tuned ivan…

Deploying web service with Java and Axis

In this article we see how can we deploy a web service, you need to have apache, tomcat and axis up and running. To publish a simple webservice: Create a simple text file, for example “Somma.jws” like this

Put this file in the axis directory, for example: /usr/local/apache-tomcat-6.0.13/webapps/axis the web service is already available…
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