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Delphi VCL highlights word in visual components programmatically

Highlights word in a RichView component programmatically:  

How to highlitgh full cell in a DBGrid:


Delphi …. retrive locale format setting

TFormatsettings is record type in Delphi which is used to get or set local information’s like DateTimeFormat, CurrencyFormat, DecimalSeparator etc. wich is declared in System.SysUtils. For Example you need to retrive your current DecimalSeparator:

If you need to force some local settings for conversions you can do for example:

If you want to…
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Xtumble News 08 02 2021

Da oggi la piattaforma Xtumble si arricchisce di due nuove applicazioni per essere sempre piu’ smart e offrire un esperienza di utilizzo facile e senza vincoli: Magazzino e Comande. Nello specifico la app Magazzino (disponibile al momento solo per Android su play store qui ), che ti permette di classificare e ricercare i tuoi articoli…
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Delphi 10.4.1 on Android error : java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method

When you try to use the camera component and you get “java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘android.content.res.XmlResourceParser (, java.lang.String)” only on “release” version of your application, probably you don’t have this setting to true: Check that the Project Options > Entitlements List > Secure File Sharing option is set to true. good job

Delphi 10.4.1 Indy SSL on Ubuntu 20.04

  If you deploy your FMX application on Ubuntu 20.04 and you are using indy ssl interceptor, you will get “Could not load SSL library”. On Indy Server the error is: “EIdOSSLCouldNotLoadSSLLibrary: Could not load SSL library”. This problem is caused because Indy does not suppurt the lastest version of openSSL library. To avoid this…
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Xtumble4Delphi – not a simple API framework

Xtumble library for Delphi Xtumble4Delphi is native delphi library, cross platform ( Windows, Android, iOS, macOSX, Linux64) that allow you to integrate all cloud functonalitty of the XTumble platform in your application. If you create an XTumble Account you can have a dedicated ERP, e-commerce, Cluod Drive, CRM Mail with SMTP and POS system in the cluod. Creating an…
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