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Source of inspiration

Today my news feed reader gives me happyness! I think this is the first time i know that i am a source of inspiration to someone. Just a simple (and now i think really pertinent!) comment on a nice article by javablogging and the author write a new article about that! The following is the…
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Software Store War

1.00 java store (blue) from Sun 1.80 nokia store (red) from Nokia 2.60 app store (yellow) from Aplle No game til now, hoping java store will get some diffusion…

Link to this site

If you take a photo of this from your latest generation phone, you’ll be linked to our site! What about a big cartel in the Milan Metro? New generation linking… Maked by i-nigma

Excel binary files to parsable text with Java

Usage: java -jar xls2txt.jar [options] fileToImport.xls Possible options: -list : Outputs the list of sheets of the excel document -sheet sheet-name : Outputs only the contents of the specified sheet-name -comma: Use “,” instead of “.” for decimal separator Without options all the excel sheets will be converted in text. Use “>” operator to redirect…
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NTLM authentication

Following the previous article, we now perform NTLM authentication with a Java Web app running on non-Windows system. In other words, the browser (IE) automatically tells the name of the logged windows user to the Web Application, in a “secure way”. Sometimes developers like me lost the focus, trying to re-invent the wheel… Just be…
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Java code for NTLM User Identification

The following code perfrom NTLM Identification (NOT authentication) of a Windows user connecting to a Java Web app. This will happen automatically only using IE as the client. With Firefox for example the username will be asked through pop-up, and then used by the web-app (again, this code doesn’t perform authentication…) The original code come…
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