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Excel binary files to parsable text with Java

Excel binary files to parsable text with Java

Usage: java -jar xls2txt.jar [options] fileToImport.xls

Possible options:
-list : Outputs the list of sheets of the excel document
-sheet sheet-name : Outputs only the contents of the specified sheet-name
-comma: Use “,” instead of “.” for decimal separator
Without options all the excel sheets will be converted in text.
Use “>” operator to redirect standard output to a text file.
In case of an OutOfMemory messagge try the options -Xmx512m to increment available memory of the jvm (in this case to 512 Mb)
If the path has spaces use (“) i.e. java -jar C:\path\to\xls2txt.jar “C:\Documents and Settings\itzrcca\file.xls”
JVM 1.4.2 needed, works on every OS with this JVM, to see if you have java installed write in a terminal “java -version”.

Thanks to Apache POI

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