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Delphi macOSX create and deploy application outside Mac App Store

Delphi macOSX create and deploy application outside Mac App Store

With Delphi you can create your own applications for Mac OSX 64Bit and distribute them both via the Mac App Store and independently using the Developer ID distribution method.

In this article we will see how to distribute an app through the “Notarization” procedure of the app to be able to distribute it independently, even via a USB key if we want.

Assuming that you have already done an application with Delphi FMX for MacOSX and you have a developer account on Apple.

Steps required to notarize the application:

  1. goto and create a specific password for all your applications as described on Embarcadero docwiki.
  2. Create Developer ID certificate using Xcode or Apple Developer site. (as well described on )
    • In Delphi, open your application, and bring up the Project Options
    • In the list on the left, select Deployment -> Provisioning
    • In the Target combobox, select macOS 64-bit for the highest configuration for which you wish to apply the settings e.g. “All configurations” if you wish to apply the settings to all configurations
    • In the Build Type combobox, select: macOS 64-bit Developer ID
    • Enter the Apple ID you used to create the application specific password in the Apple ID edit
    • Enter the application specific password you created earlier (you did remember to save it somewhere, yes?) in the App-specific Password edit
    • In the Developer ID Application Certificate edit, enter the full description for the Developer ID Certificate you created earlier, e.g: Developer ID Application: Joe Smith (JHF5SD7N)
    • If you wish to have the process staple the notarization ticket to your app, check the “Attach a ticket…” checkbox. This is recommended, otherwise macOS needs to check-in with Apple servers to see if it’s okay to run, which requires an internet connection.
    • At the end of your configuration you will compile the “Provisioning” in the Project–>Option on Delphi
    • After that you can build and deploy your application that will be notarized by Apple


We use this procedure to Notarize our Xtumble Web Builder application (alpha version) that is a cross platform HTML designer app to make HTML applications on the Xtumble Business Cloud Platform.