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Ubuntu 9.10 and Cinergy Terratec T2 (High quality DVB)

Ubuntu 9.10 and Cinergy Terratec T2 (High quality DVB)

Configure ubuntu 9.10 with Terratec Cinergy T2 to view DVB on your pc is soo simple, and the recording is in incredible quality. To view and record TV i have choose Kaffeine that is simple, rapid and stable.

First connect your Terratec T2 DVB to your usb port on your computer, after that verify with nash command “lsusb” if the hw connection is ok.
After this to confgure the T2 i found this great article in italian, but is for an old version of ubuntu. In this article are mentioned all of software needed for configure your hw, you only need to go to System–>Administration–>Manage Packages

Manage packages

after this you need to search and install the following packages like the related articles :

– dvbsnoop
– dvbtune
dvb-utils for this one i found a problem and i can’t install on my system because dvb-utils isn’t supported now
– libdvd-dev

after the base libraries we need to install the final program to view the TV :

– kaffeine
– kaffeine-xine

i have installed all about Xine (Xine is one of the first player for linux) and Kaffeine , after this i found another error :

Now i have all but when i use Kaffeine i have this error :
DVB-T – “Could not open media source” because demux_wavpack: (open_wv_file:127) open_wv_file: non-seekable inputs aren’t supported yet.

To resolve this problem with the application manager we have added those libraries :

– libxine1-plugins
– libxine1-all-plugins

Now kaffeine is able to select and display the DVB channels!

I hope this will help.
bst rgds

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