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This week there is a lot news about IT world, in first the new MS Windows 7 , another good news is the Embarcaer Delphi “PRISM”.

Delphi “PRISM”, is the DotNet environment of Embarcadero Delphi , this new version of Delphi is not a descendant of Delphi for DotNet, in fact it is the real implementation of Oxygene project maked by RemObject.

Highlights : cross-platform application generation, with full support for project MONO (linux), COCCOA (mac osx ) and the DotNet Framework 3.5. This Delphi version is a plug-in for Visual Studio, i hope that they continued to use the standard IDE of Delphi.
Now we attend the new Rad Studio from Embarcadero/CodeGear.

Here you can find a good screen cast

now is a news for us….
stay tuned…

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