Java to Delphi througth Midas and ClientDataSet

(This article is a draft but if something is of interesting …. )

The fantastic world of old Midas now called DataSnap introduced the TClientDataSet component , that is a in memory DataSet for Delphi and C++ Builder. With TClientDataSet was introduced the concept of Brief Case model Application Style.
A brief case model App. is the best concept application that exchnage data between server when and where there is a connection. Now TClientDataSet have two type of rapresenting the in memory data, one binary and one in a static xml format that is well explained in this article on Embarcadero site :
Using Java , the world of JDBC and ,of course, Tomcat we are trying to provide data to a client dataset via some Servlet and update data parsing the Delta sended by our TclientDataSet. So that we can connect to Oracle for example without usinig direct connection or driver.
We also found a similar project done with pHp posted on the Zend site at this url :

Another good example of php datasnapserver is available at :

Soon we will post all about that.

stay tuned
bye ivan

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