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Eclipse + zk

Needed application running • java virtual machine (if you are running ubuntu i suggest the ubuntu package “openjdk-6-jdk”) Needed files • eclipse-jee-ganymede-linux-gtk.tar.gz from • from • zk-bin-3.0.7.tar.gz from Operation • unpack eclipse somewhere. • put the jar file contained in the into the directory /plugins • restart eclipse if opened…
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Ubuntu 8.04 LTS + openjdk6 + apache-tomcat-6.0.18

Prerequisites • Ubuntu 8.04 (you can try with other ubuntu/debian, with other OS you have to install JVM in a different way) Needed files: • from

unpack where you want (i used /usr/local/tomcat, change the following commands accordingly if you have used a different directory) set JAVA_HOME environment variable:

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JNI Interface used to integrate static C++/Delphi Library in Java

Today i found some great post to make an integration between JAVA and static library genetated with C++ using JNI. post links : stay tuned ivan…