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Chromebook connecting to KVM hosts via VNC

Chromebook connecting to KVM hosts via VNC

The RealVNC plugin for chromebook was just released!
Thanks to the team that also advice me!
My objective is to connect to KVM running hosts that uses VNC protocol.
We need to establish an ssh tunnel first.
Open crosh by Ctrl+Alt+T
crosh> ssh
ssh> user (your username)
ssh> host (IP address or name of publicly-accessible SSH server)
ssh> port (if different from 22)
ssh> forward 8000:(internal webserver IP address):5901
ssh> connect

Then open the RealVNC plugin and point it to localhost::8000

That’s it!

Normally KVM virtual machines has different display address represented by :1 :2 …
I still cannot manage how to connect to different vm, changing the port forwarded (ie 5901) we can change the VM that we are going to connect to but i don’t know the rules about vm and the mapped port…
Comment about that appreciated!


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