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Qualche problema da…

Ciao a tutti! Oggi pomeriggio i nostri sistemi hanno avuto un down improvviso. Tutte le connessioni verso i database sono improvvisamente interrotte… Indaga indaga, nel log di tomcat ha fatto la sua comparsa questo messaggio: 93288680 [http-8443-9] null org.hibernate.ejb.packaging.PersistenceXmlLoader – Warning parsing XML: XML InputStream(4) schema_reference.4: Failed to read schema document ‘’, because 1) could…
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Oracle Tips 7 [ora 12519 tnsno appropriate service handler found]

Using JDBC with Oracle 10g i found this error : “ora 12519 tnsno appropriate service handler found”, today i found an article on Internet about. I only execute on apex query :

after that i restarted my Oracle10gXe server on my server, and all works well !!! incredible

Java code for NTLM User Identification

The following code perfrom NTLM Identification (NOT authentication) of a Windows user connecting to a Java Web app. This will happen automatically only using IE as the client. With Firefox for example the username will be asked through pop-up, and then used by the web-app (again, this code doesn’t perform authentication…) The original code come…
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Tomcat virtual host

This mini howto to show how to configure a virtual host on tomcat. This use HTTP 1.1 feature so with one single IP and one single Tomcat server you can virtually host infinite domains. Edit the file %TOMCAT_HOME%/conf/server.xml Under the tag host (the one setted by default for localhost) add the following line:

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Eclipse 3.4 + SVN + Tomcat 6.0 + ZK

In questa mini guida vedremo come configurare eclipse Ganymede 3.4 configurato per funzionare con un server subversion e con il framework zk per realizzare Rich Internet Application. File necessari da scaricare: Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede IDE for Java EE Developers (163 MB) link ZK framework 3.6 link Apache tomcat 6.0 link Dopo aver scompattato l’archivio di…
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Eclipse + zk

Needed application running • java virtual machine (if you are running ubuntu i suggest the ubuntu package “openjdk-6-jdk”) Needed files • eclipse-jee-ganymede-linux-gtk.tar.gz from • from • zk-bin-3.0.7.tar.gz from Operation • unpack eclipse somewhere. • put the jar file contained in the into the directory /plugins • restart eclipse if opened…
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